Vancouver housing market still completely normal, as it has always been

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Vancouver’s housing market is completely normal, just like it has always been and will continue to be forever, sources reported on Tuesday.

“As usual, there is nothing out of the ordinary about Vancouver housing prices. Just regular market forces at work here, like they have always been, for the last decade, and even ever since Vancouver was founded,” said Vancouver blogger Troy Helmsworth.

“That’s classic Vancouver: a place where nothing has happened, ever.”

“If you were to ask me whether there was anything newsworthy about the Vancouver real estate market, I would tell you: there is no news to report here, of course,” said developer Greg Dee.

“In this way, Vancouver is like the rest of the world, like every other city. Every city in the world is the same.”

When asked for comment, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson feigned falling asleep and snoring in an exaggerated way, like in a comedy sketch.

“So boring! Can we talk about something that isn’t normal?” ♦

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