Usher just hanging around Parliament Hill for some reason

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — Drawing interested stares from the throngs of parliamentary regulars, American singer songwriter Usher was seen hanging around Parliament Hill in Ottawa for some reason on Wednesday.

“Yeah, that’s definitely Usher,” said cabinet minister Mélanie Joly of the international pop superstar, who was seen sitting on a bench in Centre Block checking his phone.

“He’s been there for more than an hour… it looks like he’s waiting for someone maybe? He asked me for the Wi-Fi earlier.”

Numerous sources reported seeing Usher strolling casually through the halls of parliament, inspecting various paintings and admiring the building’s architecture. A parliamentary aide also reported seeing him sitting in Justin Trudeau’s empty office eating a sandwich.

“He might be here to see Trudeau? Except there are no Usher events on the agenda for today, and the Prime Minister is away. So I honestly don’t know why he’s here,” said parliamentary aide Shelby Friezen.

“He’s more than welcome to hang around, of course. It’s just, it’s not every day that you see Usher around. No one is talking to him—I’m thinking of approaching him later, maybe?” said Liberal MP Davis Trent.

Conservative MP Sheryl DuMont told reporters that when she approached Usher for an autograph later in the day, he told her that he “just [likes] being here. It’s nice.” ♦

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