Royal family unveils plaque honouring another plaque

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Claiming that the plaque had been a “long time coming,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new plaque on Monday at a lavish Vancouver ceremony on Monday to commemorate a much older plaque.

“Can you believe it’s been 68 years since they put up this older plaque? Wow,” said the Duchess of the older plaque.

“I think everyone will agree that it’s high time that we commemorate it with a plaque.”

In addition to unveiling the plaque, the couple attended a ceremony commemorating the City of Vancouver, and inspected several trees that had been planted in honour of the idea of remembrance.

“We are honoured, deeply honoured to be invited to come here and honour several things all over the place,” Prince William told reporters.

“Today we celebrate what it means to be a people to have the capacity for celebration and thought.” ♦

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