Trump children vow to root out nepotism in American politics

NEW YORK (The News Desk) – Declaring that the spectre of corruption and entrenched elitism in American politics could no longer be ignored, presidential nominee Donald Trump’s four children, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany promised today that they would do everything in their power to root out the forces of nepotism in Washington, D.C. if their father is elected president.

“Nothing epitomizes the excesses of America’s elite today more than the granting of prominent job titles to family members. This will end with the Trump family on the case,” Ivanka Trump told supporters at a campaign event in New York on Tuesday morning.

The Trump children announced the formation of a nepotism and corruption task force within the Trump campaign, to be led by Eric Trump and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner.

“The word ‘nepotism’ has its roots in medieval Italy, where Catholic popes and bishops would give family members cushy positions to extend their dynasties. Four centuries later, the practice of hiring someone just because they’re family is alive and well,” Eric Trump told supporters in a speech. “It’s time for real change in Washington.”

“Corruption and nepotism are a big problem in american politics—very, very big! But if there’s someone who can root it out, it’s my children,” Donald Trump wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. 

Photo via the Associated Press

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