Local thrift store a treasure trove of garbage

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — A newly-opened thrift store in Vancouver’s Main Street neighbourhood, Threads N’ Such, is a veritable treasure trove of garbage, local deal hunters and fashionistas reported Friday morning.

“From the outside, this place might not look like much,” said local musician Janet Matthews. “But if you’re willing to do some work and dig a little bit, you realize that this store is absolutely packed to the brim with useless garbage.”

“I don’t always find something when I come here,” local software developer Bruce Swartz told reporters while browsing the store’s selection of used candles and Scarface action figures. “But sometimes I’ll get lucky, and I will find some really nice trash.”

Store owner Carl Chase agreed that shoppers used to the convenience and selection at department stores should enter his store with an open mind.

“We might not have everything in your size. But this store will charm and surprise you with the garbage you’ll find in it, I guarantee it.” ♦

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