Local man with secure job and comfortable life convinced that system is rigged against him

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Claiming that he was “fed up” with how bad things have become in general, Vancouver-based visual effects artist Kenneth Gaunt told press on Tuesday morning that he was more convinced than ever that the system is rigged against people like him.

“When you look at the way things currently are, you see a small minority of people prospering at the top, leading comfortable lives with lots of money. And then you have people like me,” said Gaunt, who grew up in an upper middle class home, makes $86,000 annually at a Vancouver visual effects company, owns a home, and has never experienced any major financial difficulty in his life.

“Regular people like me, who are being oppressed and pushed out of the system.”

When asked to pinpoint the specific ways in which established interests might be working against him, Gaunt explained that his assessment was based mostly on intuition.

“Nothing, specifically, is wrong with my life per se. It more has to do with how I feel.”

“But all it takes is for me to lose my job, then boom, I might be stuck in a worse job making $71,000 a year. Nobody wants that kind of life. ♦

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