Local man able to relate anything that passes through his brain to Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK (The News Desk) — Claiming that it was simply a part of his natural thought process at this point, New York graphic designer George Rochon admitted that he can relate anything that passes through his brain to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Seriously, try me. I think you’ll find that no matter how seemingly detached from the topic of Hillary Clinton an idea can be, I can rein it back in and find some connection,” Rochon told press from his living room, where he and his parents were trying to watch TV.

“I just got an email on my phone. That one’s easy. Hillary is bad with emails. The Olympics are on? The Rio Olympics are all corruption and games, just like a Hillary Clinton presidency would be!”

“Oh look, it’s a commercial for Gillette razor blades. Hillary Clinton will carefully shave away all of our freedoms until there isn’t a trace of them left.”

At presstime, Rochon was seen staring silently at a documentary about the history of quantum physics. ♦

Image via Timothy Krause

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