Parliamentary interns spot Justin Trudeau speaking in tongues and opening secret doorway in abandoned bathroom

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — A group of parliamentary interns confirmed that they had seen Prime Minister Justin Trudeau open and enter a secret passageway in the abandoned men’s lavatory in the basement of Parliament Hill on Tuesday evening.

“It was close to midnight when we saw him walk past our office and disappear down a flight of stairs into the basement. We thought it was weird for the prime minister to be around this late, so we decided to follow him,” said intern Helen Robitaille.

“We followed him into the abandoned men’s bathroom, where we saw him standing in front of a mirror and speaking in tongues, which caused a large secret door to open in the wall.”

“Yeah, not sure what’s going on there,” said intern Nolan Brown.

“He just disappeared into the hidden door, which closed behind him immediately. We tried waiting for him to come out again but we ended up falling asleep on the floor of the bathroom.” ♦

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