Justin Trudeau seen lying in a puddle, looking at the night sky, smoking a cigarette

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was spotted Saturday night alone on a hillside smoking a cigarette in a light rain, shortly after moodily exiting a party event, sources say.

Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister had reportedly been attending a fancy-dress Liberal Party fundraiser when he felt a nagging sense of loneliness despite being surrounded by people who love, respect and care about him.

Trudeau is said to have sought out a cigarette, acquiring a clove from Treasury Board President Scott Brison. He then disappeared into the night just as a light rain began to fall, muttering a curt “adieu” over his shoulder.

The brooding head of government then walked to a nearby park, seemingly indifferent to the gathering summer rainstorm.

At press time, the member for Papineau was lying on his back in a large open area, watching the moon and stars peer through the storm clouds. ♦

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