Justin Trudeau insists leaked photos of him leading another country are fake

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — At a press conference on the steps of Parliament this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured press that incriminating photos of him leading an unidentified foreign nation were a “complete fabrication.”

The images in question depict the prime minister in a series of compromising poses with dignitaries, celebrities and citizens from the foreign country, signing bills into law, inspecting troops, and spending private time with what appears to be the Qatari royal family on a sandy beach.

“I would like to assure Canadians that all of these images are photoshopped, totally fake, and have zero basis in reality,” Trudeau stressed, as wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau looked on in support.

“This is the only country I have ever loved. We have two kids together, for God’s sake. Don’t look at the photos, look at me, you know me. You gotta trust me, okay?”

Critics of the Liberal leader were quick to condemn the presser as just spin, or “putting lipstick on a pig”, which incidentally is something Trudeau can be seen doing in one of the photographs, as part of some kind of complex religious ceremony.

Members of the Liberal party closed ranks around their leader, with many MPs personally vouching for the prime minister’s loyalty.

“The photos aren’t real. Not at all,” states Liberal MP William Amos. “But even if they were, could you really fault him? I mean prime ministers have urges, you know?” ♦

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