Pod Cast Episode 3: Chai Almond Latte

This month’s episode of the Pod Cast features someone having sex with their news feed, screamed Shakespeare, ex-husband advice, a barista, and the future.

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This episode was written by Winnie Code, Ryan Abbott, and Nick Zarzycki. It was performed by Jesse Inocalla, Winnie Code, Steve Venegas, Chelsey Moore, Nathan Hare, Reyhana Heatherington and Paul Bucci. The news feed and Ask Winnie segments were directed by David Marino. The show was produced and edited by Matthew Parsons.

Here is a list of the music we need to tell you that we used:
Grégoire Lourme: “The Adventure Ends”
Kevin MacLeod: “Slow Burn”
Advent Chamber Orchestra: Corelli — Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 4, mvt. 1♦

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