Mass shooting in U.S. mall cut short by second, larger mass shooting

DENTONVILLE, TEX. (The News Desk) — Sources reported that a mass shooting in progress in a shopping mall in Dentonville, Tex., was cut short on Monday afternoon after a second, much larger mass shooting broke out in the same building.

“We were absolutely terrified,” claimed the orchestrator of the first shooting, Sean Chambliss. ”We heard gunfire and immediately ran for cover. I’ve never felt more scared in my life.”

The second shooting, carried out by a yet-to-be identified group of gunmen, claimed the lives of six, most of whom are thought to have belonged to the initial group of gunmen, many of whom have also yet to be identified.

“It really tells you a lot about the state of this country when you can’t stage a deadly mass shooting without the threat of a deadly mass shooting,” said member of the first group of gunmen, Jody Graves. ♦

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Photo via Reuters