Thousands of Americans threaten to move to Canada if Trump wins and then get turned away at the border because that’s not how immigration works

NEW YORK (The News Desk) — Citing mounting fears of turmoil at home, thousands of Americans have announced their intention to move to Canada in the event of a Trump presidency and to then get immediately turned around by immigration officials at the border because that’s not how immigration works.

“I swear to God, if we elect that buffoon, I’m going to pack all of my belongings into my car, drive to the Detroit-Windsor border crossing, and then get turned around by a Border Services officer after they tell me that immigrating to Canada is actually a fairly complicated multi-year process,” said Detroit resident Craig Peets. ”I’m not even kidding.”

“I’ve got it all planned out already,” Philadelphia college student and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer Sue Park told the Syrup Trap.

“I’m going to go to the airport, ready to move to Canada, and there I will learn for the first time about Canada’s different accelerated immigration programs for skilled immigrants, investors and refugees. I will then learn that I am not eligible for any of these programs and that moving to Canada, far from involving the simple act of physically moving across the border, actually means becoming the citizen of another country and will actually take many years of gathering documentation and filling out forms.” ♦

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