Report: wind farms not producing nearly enough wind

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — A new report from the University of Alberta suggests that the world’s total wind needs are far outstripping the current amount of wind produced by wind farms.

“We need wind for all kinds of things: weather, cooling off in the hot summer months, keeping birds in the air, and even flags. And over the last few decades we’ve seen a drastic upswing in the demand for wind,” said study author Sandra Peets.

“The people who make wind are going to have to increase output to keep up. Wind, after all, doesn’t grow on trees. In fact, trees need wind. That’s how they move.”

Peets’ comments were echoed by University of Alberta climate scientist and study co-author Jill Park, who claimed that the wind shortage could affect various kinds of green energy.

“You cannot have a sustainable economy without wind power, and you cannot have wind power without wind,” said Park.

“There is just no way we are going to make the jump from fossil fuels to green energy unless we produce more wind.” ♦

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