Nude Gregor Robertson ruins Gregor Robertson press conference

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — A Gregor Robertson press conference about new city arts and culture funding was cut short today after a nude Gregor Robertson bounded up to the podium and began making crude scatological jokes about Vancouver musicians and artists.

Robertson’s assistant Jenna Stauffer apologized to attendees as the nude Gregor Robertson made rude gestures at press, made raspberry sounds with his mouth, mimed defecating on the podium, and dodged members of the mayor’s security detail.

“This sometimes happens. I’ll ask that everyone just please bear with us,” said Stauffer after an RCMP officer tackled the struggling nude Gregor Robertson to the ground and attempted to escort him from the premises.

A nude Gregor Robertson has disrupted the mayor’s events before. Two years ago, a Gregor Robertson speech at the opening of a Coal Harbour community centre was cut short when a nude Gregor Robertson began accosting guests and attempting to get them to pull his finger. Just after Robertson took office in 2008, a nude Gregor Robertson began appearing at the mayor’s office on occasion, demanding that he get a meeting with the mayor.

A city hall spokesperson said that the city will not be pressing charges against the nude Robertson. ♦

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