Drake releases song about Toronto streetcar he once dated

TORONTO (The News Desk) — Toronto rapper Drake surprised friends and fans alike on Friday after it was confirmed that track #21 on his most recent studio album, Views, was about a Toronto streetcar he once dated in his early 20s.

“We met at Queen and Lansdowne. She gave me a lift when I was walking home from the studio one day,” Drake said of the beginning of his relationship with the TTC streetcar. ”Next thing you know, we’re having dinner and I’ve got a toothbrush at her place.”

Titled “Where the Fuck Is the Streetcar?”, the R&B-influenced track speaks of a passionate but shaky relationship derailed by infidelity and inclement weather.

“Things were simply moving too fast,” said Drake of the breakup. ”But sometimes, I couldn’t catch her for days. Our schedules just didn’t match up, you know?”

The song’s lyrics paint a turbulent picture of a whirlwind summer romance.

Lines like “I’ve never met a girl like you / Them other ones ain’t got no rails like you,” and Drake’s admission in the second verse that he had “never fucked a streetcar before” indicate that the relationship was likely new territory for both parties.

“What can I say, Drake loves Toronto,” said Drake’s producer Noah ’40′ Shebib. “He really, really loves it.”

The streetcar, who now works as an exotic dancer in Miami, shot back with her own account of the relationship on Friday afternoon.

“Drake is a really awesome and sweet guy, and a very generous lover, but there’s more to this story,” said TTC streetcar #4133.

“We broke up because I wanted to have my own career, you know? I wanted to do reality television, but Drake wanted me to stay in Toronto. It just wasn’t meant to be.” ♦

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