Vancouver’s shadow pancake-flipping economy under investigation

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — After media reports of a shady but legal breakfast cooking practice came to light last week, the Breakfast Chefs Council of BC (BCCBC) announced that it plans to launch a full investigation into the matter.

The phenomenon of shadow flipping during breakfast service in local restaurants has gone unnoticed by the general public for roughly five years, noted UBC economics professor Stefania Rodriguez.

“It all started when Vancouverites discovered brunch,” said Rodriguez.

“In the feverish brunch market of the time, breakfast restaurants turned to their staff to deal with the problem of angry customers, who felt that a reasonable wait time for brunch was a basic human right, and that without brunch, the city of Vancouver would change beyond recognition.”

“The chefs couldn’t cook any faster. So that’s where people like me came in,” confirmed Remmie Jackson, an Irish immigrant who made a fortune flipping pancakes before having a change of heart and coming forward.

According to Jackson, a White Spot chef was the first to approach him about outsourcing the job of flipping pancakes.

“It’s definitely one of the most time-consuming parts of cooking brunch,” Jackson said. “And if you mess it up, that’s another brunch customer out the door, heading home to make their own pancakes.

“We really couldn’t risk having people figure out they can cook pancakes at home.”

Jackson said that he could easily make $70–80 per morning flipping pancakes at White Spot — tax free. Sometimes he flipped pancakes for multiple chefs at once, doubling his income.

“In the end, restaurants have to charge their customers more for pancakes,” said Rodriguez, “which means that, although brunch customers are experiencing shorter wait times, they are still losing out on the affordability of pancakes.”

“Vancouverites deserve to eat pancakes for the same price as pancakes in any other city,” said avid brunch-goer Mackenzie Hutchinson. Hutchinson said she thinks it is especially unfair that the price of pancakes is being driven up by immigrants like Jackson.

The BCCBC announced that it is gathering information about foreign investment in Vancouver’s brunch economy to better understand the affordability of pancakes. ♦

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