Whale caught snoozing on beach

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Vancouver beachgoers were surprised this morning to find a fully grown male humpback whale sleeping peacefully on the sandy expanse of Jericho Beach.

“Looks like Mister Whale decided to take a little nap,” said Nora Banks, one of the dozens of people who gathered around the sleeping beast.

“Even when it is in a deep sleep, you can still feel the power and majesty of the humpback whale,” said marine biologist Tracy Greenwood.

“Very soon, it will wake up and tear back into the ocean, rested and rejuvenated.”

Police warned onlookers not to make any loud noises, lest they wake the whale.

“Everyone, please keep the noise down. This beautiful whale needs its beauty sleep.”

Sources later reported seeing residents draping a nightcap and warm blanket over the whale’s body to keep it warm as it slumbered. ♦

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