Wal-Mart lays off 10% of staff, and then an additional 15%

BENTONVILLE (The News Desk) — Citing the company’s enduring commitment to big savings, Wal-Mart announced today its plan to lay off 10 per cent of its staff, and to then slash an additional 15 per cent from its workforce.

“That means we’ll be cutting a total of 25 per cent of our employees,” announced Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon. “If that isn’t serious savings, I don’t know what is.”

McMillon denied rumours that the cuts were a response to a weakening economy and falling revenues.

“Our sole commitment is to low prices. Nothing at Wal-Mart is safe from this impulse. Not even Sandra, single mother of three, who works two jobs just to stay afloat. That’s how committed we are.”

Sources reported that Wal-Mart was contemplating an additional 10 per cent reduction in its workforce, for a limited time only, between Dec. 10 and 15. ♦

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