Syrian family gets into U.S. by disguising themselves as guns

NEW YORK (The News Desk) — A family of refugees from Al Hasakah, Syria gained easy admittance into the United States on Monday after tricking U.S. immigration officials into thinking they were a family of guns.

Amin and Jamila Halabi, along with daughters Najwa and Zaida, were quickly ushered through the mandatory refugee screening process at Newark International Airport after border agents noticed that they were guns.

“Right this way, Mr. and Mrs. Gun,” said U.S. Border Services agent Lisa Bremner. “We have an airport shuttle waiting for you outside.”

Amin Halabi explained that the family came up with the idea after being turned down by the U.S. for permanent residency last month.

“Do we have to keep doing this? Does this mean I must lead the life of a gun?” asked Halabi.

Border agent Sam Kearney said that the Halabi family’s experience was what U.S. immigration policy was all about.

“When you think about it, this is just a regular family of guns that wants to live a peaceful, quiet life. They didn’t choose to be here,” said Kearney.

“Our borders will always be open to families like theirs.” ♦

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