What are the must-have sunglasses for summer 2015?

From the Features Department:

Summer is officially here! The days are long, the air thick, the golf shirts as colourful and abundant as blooming hydrangea. And, of course, there are sunglasses perched on the bridge of every nose, from Pasadena to the Philippines.

If you’re like me, not just any pair will do. Every year around this time I use my world-renowned weekly style column to declare a particular style of sunglasses the must-have model for the season. But this year I thought I’d mix it up by posing the question to you first: What, in your opinion, is the hottest pair of shades for summer 2015?

Feel free to comment below to have your voice heard.

Of course, I’m not asking for me. As one of the world’s top fashion and lifestyle journalists, I scour catwalks and back alleys from Milan to Rio de Janeiro to catalogue the cutting-edge trends that will become tomorrow’s hottest styles. I would not be doing my job as an iconic influencer in the field of fashion if I was not already well aware of the shape, colour and material that comprise the best bet for sunglass superiority this summer.

I’m really just asking for your thoughts because I want to give you a chance to speak your mind. You know, interactivity and the democratization of fashion and that type of thing. If you do have some insights or opinions, I invite you to email me right away. Preferably with photos.

The article with my prediction for this summer’s most popular sunglasses is basically done. Just thought I’d toss the question out to you, my loyal readers, to compare picks. It’s not because I have any doubt in my ability to nail it.

Then again, we can’t be expected to get it right every time, can we? Only last year I predicted that cupcake-shaped frames made of blue cadmium would be the must-haves for the summer. I had seen an incredibly chic French couple casually leaning on scaffolding by the statue at Place République and both of them, the man and the woman, were wearing head-to-toe denim, Stan Smiths and striking dark blue shades shaped like frosted cupcakes. I put down my éclair, took several street-style photos and immediately wrote a 1,400-word article proclaiming blue cupcake frames the hot style of summer 2014.

I don’t need to tell you how that turned out.

I should mention that my predictions have pretty big consequences. When I declare a pair of sunglasses on point, companies ramp up production around that style. They design entire factories in distant countries around my proclamations. I’ve been informed many times that tens of millions of dollars are at stake.

So is there some pressure to this job? Yes, you might say so. Do I lose sleep over it? Yes, in fact, I do. Have I been visited at my office by large men in dark suits, who threaten that if I don’t accurately predict the top style of summer eyewear, something might happen to my family?

I’m not at liberty to say.

They said they were from Montenegro and they represented a cartel made up of the top sunglass companies in the world. They said I needed to accurately name the hot style of sunglasses this year, “or else big trouble.” They showed me a picture of my son Jonah, who is six, taken with a telephoto lens outside his tennis academy, then they tore his picture into tiny pieces and tossed them dramatically out of my 57th-storey window.

I am now in hiding. I have transferred my son to an undisclosed tennis academy.

So, back to my question: Which sunglasses are the go-to style of the summer? Please let me know immediately. Pretty sure I’ve got it right, but if I don’t, someone will surely die.

What if I were to say brushed nickel frames shaped like the Taj Mahal?

Please help. ♦

Illustration by Nick Zarzycki

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