Giant inflatable can of beer headlines music festival

PENTICTON (The News Desk) — A giant inflatable can of beer wowed crowds today with a surprise performance at the annual Beatwave music festival in Penticton, B.C., a popular lead-up event to California’s Coachella festival.

Crowds at the festival’s main stage rose to their feet as staff rolled the surprise headliner into position in front of a set of turntables.

“Are you ready to hear some real music?” shouted the emcee, to raucous cheering and applause.

Festivalgoers were almost universal in their praise of the giant promotional beer can’s performance.

“They were saying that there would be a mystery headliner, but I wasn’t prepared for this,” said audience member Shari Flint.

“That moment when he dropped that new Deadmau5 song and began slowly gyrating in sync with the beat? Unbelievable.”

“Frankly, I was blown away,” said rapper and fellow festival headliner Kendrick Lamar.

“This guy deserves to be bigger than he is. And he’s already pretty big.”

The afternoon was not without incident, however. At one point, high winds tore the beer can from its support straps and caused it to fly sideways from the stage, destroying thousands of dollars of equipment and colliding with a group of fans.

“When you do these things, you have to accept that anything can happen during a live performance,” said Aziz Omer, whose shoulder was dislocated during the collision.

“This is what music festivals are all about.” ♦

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