Canada’s 13 Hottest Members of Parliament

We Canadians can be pretty good-looking, so it’s only natural we should have good-looking representatives in Ottawa. Attractiveness, it turns out, is a truly non-partisan issue!

1. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau 1

Justin Trudeau has charm, grace and the physique and hair of a Roman statue. Politics may be ugly, but you can’t say the same about Justin Trudeau!

2. Peter Mackay

Peter Mackay’s wife is pretty attractive, so that probably means he’s also good-looking. He’s got good posture, I guess—and he’s usually wearing a suit, which is nice.

3. Michelle Rempel


Michelle Rempel is young, symmetrical and blonde, all of which are often considered attractive traits. Yes, you might say that Michelle Rempel is a suitable mate for sexual intercourse.

4. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau boxing

And in our #4 spot, Justin Trudeau! The Papineau MP is not only an accomplished young politician, but he also has a wild side: he once trained as a boxer for a charity match and has a tattoo of a Haida raven on his shoulder. Fun fact: his dad is former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

5. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau moustache

No list of Ottawa’s hottest MPs is complete without Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau! One time, Justin Trudeau spent 44 days wearing a moustache. Even though people made fun of him, he didn’t care.

6. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau war

Was Justin Trudeau in the army? No, silly, this is a picture of Justin Trudeau starring in The Great War, a 2007 historical drama on CBC. Justin Trudeau does all kinds of creative and artistic things like that. He was a teacher, he worked as a bouncer at a nightclub, and when he was six years old, he took ballet classes.

7. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau CBC

Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas and has blue eyes. His blood type is O+. There are seven letters in Justin Trudeau’s last name, and if you rearrange them, they spell A Due Rut. If you spell Justin Trudeau’s first name in Scrabble, you get 13 points.

8. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau wife

Here’s Justin Trudeau with his wife … whatever her name is. Bertha? It’s Bertha Trudeau, isn’t it? I bet she snores. It must be hard for Justin Trudeau to get a good night’s sleep with a wife who snores. If I was Justin Trudeau, I sure wouldn’t want a spouse who snored all the time.

9. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau distance

Justin Trudeau’s attractiveness is so much more than physical. It’s not the power, the charm or the humility. It’s his essence. His soul.

10. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau closeup

Only I understand how truly lonely he is, and how to make him happy. Be careful, though, Justin Trudeau, because once we’re together, we’re never, ever going to be able to get enough of each other.

11. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau house

I know the many messages I leave at Justin Trudeau’s door are a nuisance, but they are the most painless way to communicate how I feel. Sometimes when I imagine living without Justin Trudeau, I get so upset I think about lighting myself on fire. I know there are people who would think that’s a creepy thing to say, Justin Trudeau, but you’re smart enough to know that it isn’t, and that those people should mind their own business.

12. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau collage

Juice, of which Justin’s favourite kind is pomegranate
Upset. What I am when Justin Trudeau doesn’t return my calls. lol :)
Silly. Justin Trudeau can be so silly sometimes!
Thousand. If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they couldn’t capture Justin Trudeau’s beauty.
Ice. Justin Trudeau was born in Ottawa, which is really cold and has ice.
No. I won’t take no for an answer, Justin Trudeau!

Talking. When Justin Trudeau speaks, his voice is like a river of warm honey.
Raven. There is a raven on Justin Trudeau’s arm, because he is super sensitive to the plight of First Nations.
Utter. Justin Trudeau is utterly amazing!
Die. I would die for you, Justin Trudeau, but only if you wanted me to.
Eye contact. We made eye contact on Parliament Hill in March 2011. Do you remember?
Apples. Justin Trudeau’s favourite fruit, after pineapples, mangoes, grapes and strawberries.
Ulan Bator. If I had to travel to Ulan Bator, I sure would like to take Justin Trudeau with me!

13. Justin Trudeau


There is one, eeny-weeny problem with Justin Trudeau. Sometimes, he is blind to the inescapable fate of two people to be together. But that’s okay! We still love you! ♦

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