Vancouver ranked the most city in the world

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Vancouver has been ranked the most city in the world, according to a ranking of 230 cities released by a Brussels think tank last week.

The report evaluated cities based on 27 different factors, resulting in an index score out of 100.

“Vancouver is one of the world’s most cities for numerous reasons, mainly owing to the fact that it received the highest score. No city outperformed Vancouver. Out of all the cities we ranked, none was ranked above Vancouver,” said Florian Nehrig, one of the authors of the study.

Mayor Gregor Robertson claimed that the report proves that Vancouver is a city with a reputation.

“Can we do better next year? I’m not ruling that out. But the fact that no other city is more than we are — that must mean we’re doing something right,” he said in an interview earlier today.

“It’s official: Vancouver is the most,” tweeted Premier Christy Clark. “Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back.”

But not every Vancouverite was satisfied with the results of the study.

“Personally, I think we could be doing a lot more in this city,” said Kitsilano schoolteacher Alex Bucci.

“We can’t just sit on our laurels; we have to strive to be the most every day. That’s what got us here in the first place.” ♦

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