Failed engineering week pranks


The engineers at the University of British Columbia were up to their old tricks again last night, placing a Volkswagen Beetle on top of the university’s clock tower. Here are some other E-Week pranks that weren’t as successful this year:

- convert Buchanan Tower into a giant game of Tetris

- kidnap the editor of the campus newspaper

- steal someone’s car

- burn down the forest surrounding UBC and block out the sun for a week

- move the main library to Montreal

- build a gun

- put saran wrap on all the toilets so people’s pee bounces back at them

- have a healthy, vibrant social life

- tap someone on the shoulder and run away giggling

- attract more women into STEM fields

- build rapid transit to UBC

- make the SUB construction site safer, more worker-friendly

- lose virginity ♦

Photo via Act don’t think