An open letter to Mr. Kanye West, from a concerned parent


Dear Mr. West,

I am writing as a concerned parent in response to the news that your tour stop in Vancouver has been cancelled for a second time.

My son Justin, 22, was ready to rock out to the groundbreaking beats of your last album, Yeezus, to sing the lyrics to “New Slaves” even though he is Caucasian, and to have a generally transformative aesthetic experience. Now he will have to spend Halloween in his basement suite, eating candy, deleting the pirated Kanye West discography from his hard drive and listening to his roommate talk about the Illuminati.

I’m worried, Mr. West. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and respect what you’re trying to do artistically. But what kind of message are you sending to the children? You might have all the money and fame in the world, but based on your behaviour on this tour, your word isn’t worth very much. Not very much at all.

You have the most important voice in the world, Mr. West. You are denying my son what is essentially a religious experience, a cultural rite of passage, a chance to redefine the parameters of his spirit and consciousness. He’s graduating from university soon. I am afraid of sending Justin into the real world without hearing what you have to say about fashion in person.

To be perfectly honest, this has made me reevaluate which rappers I should be exposing my son to. Let’s face it, the talent pool in hip hop is deep this year, Mr. West. Very deep. Perhaps he should start listening to more J. Cole. Or maybe even Macklemore. *shudder*

One thing is for sure, Mr. West. Drake would never do this.

Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Parent ♦

Photo by Emily Yoshida