Premier declares Quebec is secular in front of giant illuminated cross


MONTREAL (The News Desk) — Quebec Premier Pauline Marois told reporters today that she continues to believe her province is “completely secular” during a hike up Montreal’s Mount Royal.

“It’s pretty clear to me that Quebec has a strong tradition of secularism,” said Marois, standing in front of Mount Royal’s giant steel cross, which can be seen from many kilometres away in all directions on most days.

“We as Quebecers cherish the separation of church and state, and we think that the proposed charter of values will only strengthen that separation,” said the premier, bathed in the glow of the fully illuminated, 30-meter tall, publicly maintained crucifix on a mountain overlooking the province’s largest city.

When asked whether the government’s plans to protect crucifixes in public parks and buildings, like the one hanging in the National Assembly of Quebec, was unfair to other religious groups, the premier strongly disagreed.

“Religious history and heritage is a cornerstone of many peoples’ identity, especially in a province like Quebec. You can’t tell people to get rid of their culture and history like that. That’s just stupid.” ♦

Photo via Mononc’ Paul