The Term Paper (King James version)


In the beginning, Student read the term paper topics and opened his word processor.

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75 surprising facts about Margaret Atwood


In honour of her 75th birthday, we’ve dug up some surprising and little-known facts about Canadian literary giant Margaret Atwood.

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Obama to “pledge” $3 billion for climate change “fund”


NEW YORK (The News Desk) — “President” Barack Obama will pledge $3 billion to a United Nations climate change “fund” that’s intended to “help” poor nations boost renewable energy and counter the “ill” effects of global warming.

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Network appeases Don Cherry by letting him bring brother Dane on air


TORONTO (The New Desk) — Following weeks of negotiation, Sportsnet executives have come to an agreement with Don Cherry that will allow him to bring his younger brother Dane on air during Coach’s Corner.

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Gregor Robertson re-elected mare of Vancouver


VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — After months of campaigning, Vision Vancouver candidate Gregor Robertson was re-elected mare of Vancouver in Saturday’s civic election.

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Justin Trudeau does increasingly complex stunts with people’s children


OTTAWA (The News Desk) — Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has come under fire for performing increasingly elaborate stunts and tricks with people’s infant children.

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Police prepare to hibernate

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — As temperatures drop, police across Canada are foraging for food to build fat and sustain themselves through the winter.

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North Korea releases fifth album


PYONGYANG (The News Desk) — The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea released its fifth studio album during an elaborate ceremony in Pyongyang on Monday.

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