Week in Review: The Frightened Elderly Authors Edition


We were going to do one of these last week, but Nick Zarzycki got a head full of steam about Canadian content and, well, you saw what happened. We spent a week publishing a series about Margaret Atwood, Peter Mansbridge and Drake fighting to protect the 6 from clickbait. It was awfully strange and I’m pretty sure Margaret Atwood is terrified of us right now.

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Cashier announces to entire store that you are currently buying condoms


VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Vancouver Shoppers Drug Mart employee George Houpt announced today to the entire store that you were in the process of buying condoms.

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Can you spot the famous Toronto landmarks in these films?


Toronto might not be the most storied North American city, but its status as one of the largest film production centres on the continent means it has served as a backdrop for some of the best-known films in cinema history. See if you can spot any Toronto landmarks in these stills from popular films.

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The Syrup Trap’s tips for earthquake safety


Vancouver, hometown of the Syrup Trap, may seem like paradise, but it comes at a cost. At any minute, the city and all who dwell within it could be struck by a devastating earthquake that would sever water pipes, split open roads and level large portions of the downtown core. Don’t be caught off guard: use this handy guide to figure out what to put in your home’s earthquake kit.

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Margaret Atwood and Peter Mansbridge disappear into horizon as sun rises


TORONTO (The News Desk) — Toronto rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham sat in the back seat of a limousine as it drove through the city.

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Margaret Atwood defeats Peter Mansbridge clones


TORONTO (The News Desk) — Aubrey “Drake” Graham saw a huge CN passenger train flying through the air straight towards them.

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Peter Mansbridge faces off against Peter Mansbridge clones


TORONTO (The News Desk) — Thunder, lightning and snow lashed Peter Mansbridge and Aubrey “Drake” Graham as they emerged from Mansbridge’s secret subterranean cave and stepped onto the streets of downtown Toronto.

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Peter Mansbridge leads Drake into secret Peter Mansbridge cave


TORONTO (The News Desk) — “Where are you taking me?” Aubrey “Drake” Graham asked Peter Mansbridge, following the CBC anchor down a series of dark corridors.

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